Ray Cianfrini, '63

Yearbook image of Ray Cianfrini
Current image of Ray Cianfrini

Part of the heart and soul of Oakfield since earning his law degree in 1972, Ray has served the community and school district through his law practice, government work, and generous volunteer commitments. His many contributions have included elective office as village mayor, village trustee, and school board member. Ray was one of the founders of the Oakfield Betterment Committee and was instrumental in organizing the first Oakfield Labor Daze in 1983. He has served as a president of the Oakfield Historical Society and has been a frequent speaker to the Society on a variety of local topics. Other community and professional involvement has included being president of the Genesee County Bar Association, chairman of the first Genesee County ethics committee, an Assistant District Attorney and Assistant County Attorney, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Genesee Community College, board member for the Holland Land Purchase Society, member of the American Legion, and a still photographer for the Buffalo Bills.