Rachel Yousey Raba, '95

Yearbook image of Rachel Raba
Current image of Rachel Raba

Following graduation from OACS in 1995, Rachel Raba began her collegiate education, which would lead her into working around the world for the U.S. Department of State addressing the crime of human trafficking. She has traveled to over 50 countries in her career, interacting in a wide range of political, economic, and cultural settings: from high level political discussions in capital cities to advocating directly with armed rebel groups.

Rachel earned a B.A. in International Business from Grove City College and an M.A. in International Development from The American University. Rachel has represented to U.S. government and the American people at hundreds of events, negotiating, U.S. policy positions, delivering speeches, interacting with American and foreign press. Rachel has also conducted briefings for members of congress and their staff and provided training on human trafficking to a broad array of audiences.

A significant aspect of Rachel's work has been writing and managing the publication of the congressionally-mandated Trafficking in Persons Report. This report is considered to be the forefront of raising global awareness and shaping the international dialogue on human trafficking.

Rachel has spent considerable time during the past decade working with and mentoring American young people who are interested in pursuing human rights or international relations fields as a career. She has also dedicated substantial time offering guidance and inspiring college students to consider public service as a viable option for employment.

Rachel's dedication to such an important global cause is an inspiration to all current and future OACS graduates.