Michael Peck, '69

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Michael grew up in the Town of Alabama, graduated from OACS, and went on to become a Theology graduate of Practical Bible School of Binghamton, NY. His studies eventually led him to Luther Rice Seminary, where he earned a Doctor of Ministry in 1989. In addition to currently serving as the Vice President of Baptist Church Planters, a missionary agency which assists missionaries in planting Baptist Churches, Michael has had the privilege of traveling throughout the United States as family conference speaker and author. During the past seven years Michael has spoken in over 350 churches in America on the subject of home, family, marriage and parenting. He authored the book, Reach Out and Help, and was a contributing author to Hope Grows in Winter. Mike has been invited to the Philippines and the Republic of Mali to preach, and counsel missionaries and church leaders.

From 1987 - 1995 his services were broadcast daily during prime time on secular radio and television stations. He has served on the Executive Board of The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, and served several terms on the Council of Ten for the Empire State Fellowship of Regular Baptists.

Michael and his wife, the former Karen Speed, are the parents of two sons, one of whom is deceased, eight adopted special needs children, and have raised fifteen other children not eligible for adoption. Michael sees himself and his wife as very ordinary folks with an unusual family.