Mario Acitelli, '48

Yearbook image of Mario Acitelli
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Mario Acitelli received his BS degree in Chemistry from University of Buffalo, moving on to Cornell, where in 1957, he earned a PhD in organic chemistry. His early career, heading Bausch and Lomb's organic chemistry lab, led to pioneering work in soft contact lenses and plastic ophthalmic lenses. Mario also did government work for Bausch and Lomb, researching bulletproof eyewear and lightweight plastic optics. He left Bausch and Lomb in 1967 to work for IBM in Endicott, NY as a senior materials scientist. In 1979, IBM asked him to set up a materials science laboratory at their Charlotte, NC facility. His work there, at a time when personal computing and electronic document rendering were in their infancy, led to several pioneering discoveries and advancements related to ink jet inks and polymers. Mario holds four US patents in inkjet formulations, epoxy laminations, and radiation dosimetry. The father of eight children and grandfather to 17, Mario was a frequent volunteer in Charlotte's public schools, working to encourage students of all ages to pursue studies and careers in engineering and the sciences.