Linda Baldwin Potter '72

Yearbook image of Linda Potter
Current image of Linda Potter

A multitude of interests and accomplishments highlight Linda's induction. Moving to Texas after graduation from OACS she received her AA from San Jacinto Junior College, her BBA from the University of Houston (including a Who’s Who in America listing for her academic excellence, extracurricular activities and community service), and her MBA from Rice University, where she studied international business in China, Hong Kong and Mexico.

An early supporter of computers for students, Linda was instrumental in placing the first computers in Texas schoolrooms.  She also played key roles in helping the corporate world adapt to computerization and continual new technological advances. Linda received an award from the state of Texas for accomplishments in the War on Drugs.

Raising her two children, Linda also became deeply involved in public service in the Houston area, beginning with school and Girl Scourt volunteer leadership roles, culminating in her 2017 role as head of the Hurricane Harvey Family Relief Shelter at NRG Center, and including several other past and ongoing volunteer and leadership roles.

She is the Global Shared Services Manager at Powell Electrical Systems Inc. in Houston. Multiple charities in the Houston Area benefit from Linda's involvement through her role at Powell.

Linda has devoted her life to others in the Houston area. For this and her professional accomplishments, Linda Baldwin Potter is inducted into the OACS Alumni Hall of Fame.