Jim King, '78

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A pioneer at OACS (he was in the first class of students to use the school's new time-share computer in 1977), Jim has continued his innovations to become a prominent leader in software and information technology. At General Electric, he developed one of the earliest forms of software upon which interactive web and other client-server applications of today are based. As Director of Systems Architecture for NCR, he established the long-term direction for the company's products. Continued career growth led him to increasingly responsible roles at AT&T Bell Labs, Reed Elsevier, and Microsoft, where he was one of their top 100 "thought leaders," working on a new product area called Knowledge Management Solutions. Jim had a five-year stint as Chief Information Officer for The McGraw-Hill Companies, and Senior Vice-President of Business Operations for McGraw-Hill Construction, before joining Brightpoint in 2005 as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. Jim is now Senior Vice President of Business and Technology Operations for BMI based in Nashville, TN and New York. BMI is the music industry's leading provider of information and creativity services, for writers, publishers, and performers across most music genres. Despite his career involving working in Manhattan, Seattle, and around the world, Jim has by choice set up his home since 1986 in a small Indiana community that reminds him of Oakfield. In his spare time, Jim is actively involved in historic preservation through the Indiana Landmarks organization, is active in his church, and coaches several youth sports.