Jeris Smith Boyce, '55

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Jeris Smith Boyce has been a lifelong civic and church volunteer, outstanding mother and grandmother, and supporter of her husband. She grew up in a close knit family, graduated from OACS and Bryant & Stratton Business Institute, married her high school sweetheart on Sept. 22, 1956, and expected to raise her family in Oakfield just as five generations had done before her.

As her husband's career began to grow, it became necessary for Jeris and her family to pull up roots and move first to Florida, and then to Lake Forest, Illinois. Each community where she resided is a better place today because of the concern and generosity of Jeris Smith Boyce.

She has been an active supporter, both financially and physically, of United Methodist Churches in Oakfield, Coral Springs, FL, and Libertyville, IL. Over the years Jeris has served on numerous committees and boards that have aided the less fortunate. As a Hospice volunteer, she assisted many families whose loved ones suffered terminal illnesses. Jeris feels blessed by the Grace of God to be able to help and encourage others.

Her husband Don's successful business career has enabled him to provide the funds for Jeris' philanthropic endeavors. Jeris does not seek the limelight, preferring instead to be active in the background. We will never know how many individuals have benefited financially, spiritually, and emotionally from the generosity of Jeris Smith Boyce. For all her quiet accomplishments though, the one about which she is happiest to proudly talk about is her love of Oakfield - as a child there, as a parent there, and as someone who moved away decades ago yet will always call it home.