Frank Galline, '72

Yearbook image of Frank Galline
Current image of Frank Galline

There might be millions of Americans who dream of making it in film and television, but few try and even fewer succeed - yet Frank Galline from the class of 1972 succeeded in a big way. Frank's specialty is set decoration - making the setting for a theatrical performance look as realistic as possible. This first involves getting the work - not an easy task, as set decorators work freelance, and only the best and most sought-after work constantly. Frank then has to independently research the types of furniture and decoration that would be appropriate to the time and place and characters in the production, obtain the pieces, and ultimately arrange them. When his work is done right, Frank can tell he's done a good job by seeing the actors walk on the set and act like they instantly feel at home. The culmination of his doing his job right came in 2005, when he won an Emmy for his set decoration on Warm Springs, a drama about Franklin Roosevelt's life in Warm Springs, GA during the 1920s after he was diagnosed with polio. A regularly-updated catalog of his work can be viewed here. When he's not doing the myriad tasks associated with his job, Frank volunteers with Meals on Wheels, and programs for homeless people and AIDS patients, and stays involved in Los Angeles schools, encouraging students to pursue careers in the arts.