Daniel Hopkins '70

Yearbook image of Daniel Hopkins
Current image of Daniel Hopkins

Dan Hopkins has a lifetime of service to the OACS community, with an excellent track record in business.

Beginning public service as a trustee on the Haxton Library Board, Dan continued on to be a village trustee and Mayor of Oakfield. In these roles he helped establish the current village offices and headed the project to improve water quality in the village. An early advocacy of ARC group homes in the community helped earn him NYS ARC Public Official of the year and Genesee County Public Official of the year awards.

As a member of the Board of the Children's Home Association Dan helped allocate funds for underpriveleged children. Dan was also a fixture at Labor Daze and Oakfield Youth Baseball.

Dan worked at Batavia Metal Products before being given an opportunity to buy Kaplan Container in East Rochester.  He ran Kaplan Container for several years before selling it, and returning to Batavia Metal Products, which had become Strong Forge, in a leadership role.