D. Mark Kingsley, '80

Yearbook image of Mark Kingsley
Current image of Mark Kingsley

Mark combined his love of music and talent for art into Greenberg-Kingsley, an award-winning Manhattan-based graphic arts studio specializing in work for the music industry. Mark was nominated for a Grammy award in 2000 for The Blue Note Years box set. His art has been featured in CDs and promotional materials for Jewel, 10,000 Maniacs, Ginger Baker, Yes, Pat Metheney, Bette Midler, and many jazz, world and classical musicians. His work outside the music industry includes fragrance packaging for Ralph Lauren, Armani, Drakkar Noir and Paloma Picasso; advertisements for HP; product and package design for the Guggenheim Museum and the Jewish Museum; and promotional work for VH1 and the Sci Fi Channel. Mark is actively involved in civic preservation and educational mentoring in New York City. A fixture in the "Downtown" new music community there, he has appeared in "very small roles" in three avant garde productions.