Nomination process

  1. Anyone may nominate an alumnus of Oakfield-Alabama Central School, or one of its predecessors, according to the rules set forth in Articles X and XI of the Hall of Fame bylaws.
  2. Nominations must be made during the nomination period only, generally from early March until late April each year.
  3. Electronically-submitted nominations are strongly preferred over mailed-in, hardcopy nominations.
  4. Once a nomination has been received by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, if the nominee has not already been nominated, he or she will be contacted by the Committee and asked to provide addtional information supporting the nomination.
  5. All nominees who provide the information requested in 4 above will be considered for induction at the Committee's selection meeting, which generally occurs in early June.
  6. Those nominees being considered for induction will be notified by the Committee of the results. Nominees selected for induction will be inducted in the early part of the next school year. Nominees not selected for induction will continue to have their nominations active and considered for selection for two additional years, with no need for renomination.

There are two ways to nominate someone for the Hall of Fame: